My Awesome Labs       Specializing in white Labrador Puppies

Welcome to My Awesome Labs' website.

We are very glad that you found our site! We love talking about our Labs and all of their puppies. We are the official home of the white, loveable, best friend absolutely gorgeous larador puppies.

We have put a lot of pictures on the web site and facebook because we want you to see exactly what our dogs and puppies look like. Please click on one of the pictures above or use the menu to learn more about our Awesome white Labrador retriever dogs & puppies. Our dogs are a big part of our life, they are not just an animal or stuck in a pen in the back yard, but a true member of the family. We enjoy our dogs and take them with us everywhere we go. Kona riding in car That includes around town, to the warehouse, the lake and even on vacation. They just love to be with us and always look forward to meeting new people. We strive to raise the best puppies possible through excellent parents (pedigree), good food & nutrients and lots of socialization with other dogs and people.


If you have never experienced the English Labrador's easy going personality, you need to click on our puppies tab above and see what you have been missing. If your are interested in some educational information, please Visit the "Puppy Articles" above for ideas on new puppies. We breed and raise our Labrador dogs and puppies to be excellent family pets. Our dogs do have hunting and field trial champions in their background, but they are bred specifically to be the best family pet you have every had.


We have found that we have some of the most mild tempermant puppies. This makes for a puppy then adult dogs that will fit into almost every family. Our dogs have dark pigment with the dark noses and dark around the eyes. Their coats are light color, the polar bear white labrador retriever that is just beautiful. All of our dogs are registered as yellow with the AKC.


I want to answer all of your questions that you might have as a potential adoptive parent of one of our puppies. Read the information on this site and on facebook and when you are ready for that new puppy, we have a solution for you. We will announce expectant litters on this page and on facebook. At that time we will start taking reservations & deposits. Please feel free to call and ask questions or just chat about our Awesome Labrador Puppies.


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