My Awesome Labs       Specializing in white Labrador Puppies

New Puppy Health Guarantee

Our family at My Awesome Labs, takes every effort for your NEW white Labrador puppy to be of excellent health: genetics, shots, deworming, food, and vitamin supplements; excellent personality, friendly, easy to train, and happy. We start the day the puppy is born to make sure we exercise good habits with the puppy that will develop a good personality in the puppy and result in a great family adult dog.

My Awesome Lab females are selected for excellent genetics, healthy, loveable personality, and good looks. Each has passed our screening process before we ever breed her for future puppies. Our desire is to have healthy family pets that will live a good 12-15 years and bring every family lots of fun and joy.

NuVet Supplements

The parents have been on NuVet Plus which has resulted in helping the mother to have an easy pregnancy and a less stressful birth and delivery. The good nutrients are then passed through the mother's milk to the puppies. The puppies are then given NuVet Plus after weaning for a healthy supplement that helps buid a strong body and immune system for their start on a healthy life.

Before the puppies leave our home, each puppy will be wormed every two weeks and will have the first round of puppy shots. They are born in our living room entryway and are handled daily by members of our family and then friends and neighbors. They are also socialized with other dogs both younger and older. We also have two cats that often sleep & play with the puppies. This develops a good relationship with cats that will make cat-friendly adult dogs.

We at My Awesome Labs guarantee each of our puppies for 2 years to be free from hereditary health defects when the NuVet supplement is given and is purchased with the breeders referral code 24563. The puppy must be fed a healthy diet and kept from home hazzards, poisonous plants and foods that are unhealthy for dogs and possibly lethal to puppies. Caution must be taken in running or Sam, Mac and Kona jumping (like jumping down from a pick-up) to prevent undue pressure or injuries to the hips and joints until they mature at 2-3 years of age. All of our puppies are sold limited AKC registration.

1. The Buyer MUST put the puppy on NuVet Plus Tabs after purchase for a period of not less than 24 months for this Health Guarantee to be in compliance. Because what you put into your puppy will have an extremely important impact on proper development. We believe that every effort should be made to ensure that your NEW puppy receives the best nutrition possible, especially during the critical growth stages up to 24 months.

2. All deposits are non-refundable. We are looking for committed families for our puppies, who will dedicate the time and care needed for happy puppies! In the event that a puppy is not born from the litter that your deposit has been placed on, your deposit will be transferred to another litter at your request or refunded.

3. Your puppy must be seen by a veterinarian within 2 weeks after you receive them.

4. Our Health Guarantee does not cover, vaccinations, veterinary costs, training or any transportation costs. These costs are the direct result of responsible dog ownership and should be expected as part of having a new puppy.

5. If for some reason it is determined that your family cannot keep the puppy, please contact us and we will work with you to relocate the puppy. Please do not take the puppy to a humane society or a animal shelter. We have people who contact us wanting older dogs all the time. In the event for some reason that you are not able to keep your puppy then we REQUEST that the puppy be returned to us. ALL ownership rights, AKC transfer of registration, and copies of ALL veterinarian records accompany the transfer back to us. No monetary compensation will be made to you for the surrender of your dog back to us. You will be responsible for the transport back to MyAwesomeLabs.