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We have bred Macchiato & Kitamu this past weekend (08.04.14). I know that several people want to get on the waiting list, but we will start taking reservations after her pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound at the vet. We will take Mac to the vet and have the ultrasound performed about 30-35 days into the pregnancy (about the second week of September). Upon confirmation that she is pregnant, we will start taking reservations/deposits ($250). All announcements will be on the website and on our facebook page. Pregancy will take about 62-65 days and we expect the puppies to be able to go home starting at 7 weeks.

For more information please check out our page on How to Reserve a Puppy. Please call David for deposit details, 405-742-2586.

Macchiato Kitamu
Macchiato Kitamu
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We are very proud of Macchiato and the puppies she has produced. She will be almost 4 years old when this litter of puppies are born. Mac is such a gentle girl that I'm sure the combination with Kitamu will produce a great looking puppy with an excellent personality, the perfect puppy for your family.

All announcements will be on this web site and on facebook concerning the puppies. If you are interested in placing a deposit or if you have placed a deposit on a puppy and have any questions about the process or the puppy, please call David @ 405-742-2586.

We are very excited to see these puppies. Mac loves to go walking and jogging with my son. She will actually run with him and loves every minute of it. Macchiato is a gentle girl and really enjoys being petted and rubbed all over. She will sit and let you pet her till you quit, she never gets tired of that. Mac is one of the girls that also loves to retrieve. She will chase the ball (frisbe, rope, tennis ball) until you quit throwing it for her, then she will go get it and sit in front of you waiting until your are rested so she can go again. I know with her excellent personality, good looks, and Kitamu, well, that will make a perfect combination for great puppies. Kitamu is such a joy around the house. He loves to go for walks and sit on the couch or bed with us. He goes almost everywhere with us in the car and really enjoys meeting new people. He is very much a people dog and is just a big loveable teddy bear.