My Awesome Labs       Specializing in white Labrador Puppies

How to Reserve a New Puppy


1. Have a phone interview with David, 405-742-2586. This is to introduce you to our family and to know a little about you and your family. We are very interested in placing our puppies with the best families possible. We believe that the puppies will love you unconditionally and the puppies deserve families that will love them unconditionally too!

2. Read the Puppy Health Guarantee and the New Puppy Responsibilities on the tabs above. Agree to the requirements for raising a healthy puppy, which includes good nutrition, vaccinations, NuVet supplements, pleanty of exercise and lots of love.

3. Notify the Cassel's that you want to reserve a puppy. They will tell you if we have any puppies planned and how and when to send your deposit. The deposit is $250 and is non-refundable. We accept cash or personal checks. All of our puppies are sold limited AKC registration.


4. How we do the selection process. After your deposit is received, you will be placed in line to select a puppy in the order which your deposit is received. We do not rush the selection process. When the puppies are about 4-5 weeks old, the first person in order to pick, will select their puppy. If you live close to Stillwater, families are welcome to come to our house to select their puppy. If your family lives out of town, we will help you select your puppy by use of pictures and video. Then the selection will progress through all of the puppies. We are always keeping an eye on the puppies looking for their personalities and what we think would be a best fit for each family.


5. We do not fly our puppies to their new families via cargo. We request that you fly to Stillwater to pick up your puppy and take it back as carry-on on the plane. We do offer another option: for costs, I can have my wife (Rhonda) fly the puppy to your local major airport, and then you can drive to the airport and just pick up your new puppy. We have also delivered the puppy to the families front door, this depends on our schedule and how far you live from Oklahoma. Tell us you need to have the puppy flown to you or delivered when you make the reservation. Purchasing the airplane tickets 7 weeks early is a LOT cheeper than 1 week before the puppy is to be flown home. Delivery cost for flying will be my ticket and puppy carry on fee.

6. Begin to prepare your house for the arrival of a new puppy. The puppy will want to play and chew on anything they can find. You will need to remove all small items as well as house plants on the floor. Get your new puppy a crate and locate it in an area where he/she can be seen and heard while your home. Interview and select a vetranarian for the new puppy that you feel comfortable asking questions.

What we send home with the NEW puppy: a small bag of puppy food that the puppy was weaned on, a towel that has our smell on it, a collar and a leash, NuVet sample supplements, AKC puppy registration form, and a puppy toy.

The deposit will reserve your place to pick a puppy. It doesn't necessarily reserve first pick of the litter since we reserve the first pick of the male and female for our breeding or for show purposes. Do not send a deposit to My Awesome Labs unless you follow these steps above.

If for any reason you can't keep the puppy, do not take it to a dog pound or shelter. Please call us and we'll take the puppy back. All paperwork and vet receipts must accompany puppy and any additional expenses, shipping or delivery, will be the owners responsibility not the breeders. There will be no refund of any costs for return of puppy. We will try to relocate the puppy to a new family.