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The Cassel's

The Cassel Boys We came to Stillwater on December 26th 1981. The intention was to finish my degree at OSU and then move off to where-ever. Well, I finished the degree and a few children later and we are still here. Stillwater is a good town to live in and have a family. We have met a lot of people who have come through this city moving on persuing their careers. We have especially enjoyed the people we have met after we started raising our white Labrador Retrievers. I have found out that we all have a common interest in dogs and the Labrador breed. Mocha

We purchased our first Labrador for my youngest son. She was a chocolate Labrador and was just as perfect a dog as a boy could have. Well, her life was short lived and left a hole in our family. Shortly we received another chocolate Lab puppy for our family. We had just received our new lab puppy and we were at a baseball game trying to come up with a good name for her. One of the local mothers that was there suggested a coffee name. Puppy at the baseball field Well, it wasn't very long and another mom suggested the name Mocha. That began the trend of naming our dogs after coffees. We started with Mocha, then Latte', then Kona (Hawaiian coffee), then Macchiato (Starbucks carmel Macchiato), then Chai Latte', then Sumatra (Sam). We added a new member to our kennel last year and his name is Kitamu (an African coffee). As we continue to add new puppies to our family, we plan to go with the coffee theme until we run out of coffee names.

Our first white Labrador Retriever was Latte'. We found out that she has several champions, field trial champions, and service dogs in her family. We are very pleased with the puppies that have come through this blood line. Both Kona and Chi are born from Latte'. You can see some of Kona's puppies on facebook, and we are very pleased with her puppies.